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Financial Services

Koly & Company, Inc. is committed to helping you grow in multiple areas of your financial life; personal as well as business. Our goal is to maximize financial security and safety for you and your family, while also maximizing the efficiency of your money at work through the coordination and integration of your assets and cash flow.

David is licensed to sell life, accident and health insurance in Ohio and is licensed to sell securities in Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts and Florida. Securities are offered through The O. N. Equity Sales Company, Member NASD/SIPC, One Financial Way, Cincinnati, OH 45242, (513) 794-6794.

Services include:

  • Strategies for Building and Protecting Wealth
  • Protection Analysis
    • Disability Income Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Long-Term Care Insurance
    • Life Insurance
  • Savings & Education Funding Alternatives
  • Accumulation & Retirement Funding
  • Tax Favorable Plans
    • Tax-Deferred
    • Tax-Free
    • Tax-Deductible
  • Qualified Plans
    • IRAs
    • Rollovers
  • Investments & Asset Allocation Service
  • Business Insurance & Employee Benefits
  • Estate Planning
    • Wealth Creation Techniques
    • Wealth Conservation Techniques

Koly & Company, Inc. does not provide legal services or legal counseling, but provides financial services in conjunction with a client's personal legal representative and/or may consult with a qualified legal professional as required for the client's particular financial situation.

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