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Koly & Company, Inc. was formed January 1, 1996 by David M. Koly. The formation of Koly & Company, Inc. was the result of David’s desire to concentrate his efforts on assisting family owned and operated businesses and high net worth individuals in the Akron area. The practice of Koly & Company, Inc. concentrates principally on helping these clients in minimizing their tax liabilities and assisting with the many day-to-day problems business owners face.

One of the reasons behind the formation of Koly & Company, Inc. was to be able to provide a high degree of continuity to our clients. Due to our size and business philosophy, we assure our clients continuity at every level of service to the company and its owners. This uninterrupted level of service can be especially important to financial and accounting personnel. It is also important for our clients to develop the feeling of trust and confidence necessary to properly plan for the future.


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